Active scientific research in the following fields:
  • Foundations of mathematical analysis
  • Stochastic differential equations
        (with J.-L. Wu, Univ. of Swansea)
  • Stochastic functionals
        (with Yu. Davydov, Ch. Suquet, Univ. of Lille 1)
  • Optimal control and game theory
        (with O. Serea, Univ. of Perpignan)
  • Asset pricing methods
        (with N.-K. Tran, Univ. of Washington St. Louis)
Felix Nagel Felix Nagel received his doctoral degree from
the University of Heidelberg for his thesis in
electroweak gauge theory. He worked for many
years as a financial engineer in the financial
He is an expert in physics, finance, and
mathematics with around ten years
experience in each of the three disciplines.
Scientific quantitative research.
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Scientific quantitative research.
Karwendel, Alps, Austria